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Juvågen, 6260 Skodje Norway
Design & Code
Freedom to explore opportunities
Green & Clean
We work for a greener future
Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but rather when there is nothing more to take away
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
In fast moving markets, adaptation is significantly more important than optimization.
Larry Constantine
An intuitive interface is key to unlocking the potential of any software.
Per-Morten Lindanger

What We Made Recently

All companies can profit from an online presence. We design and host affordable websites, to help you and your company join the web.
User experience has gained alot of attention the latest years. Effective and intuitive interfaces are key to success in any software that interacts with humans. We have experience to aid you in designing/redesigning interfaces that enhance the users experience and effenciency
We design and implement everything from client applications to enterprise solutions. Only you know what you need. We know how to build it.

Lean Designs

Flexible solutions are the key to keeping software up to date. Software and frameworks are regulary changing, and new frameworks and solutions take their place. Good software has a foundation that remains adoptable and gives room for new ideas and solutions.


Travel Light and Fast

Our software is always built to be light, both to clients and servers to minimize system and network requirements.


Reliability is key to all business critical systems. We have solutions for data replication, failover, loadbalancing, as well as dataqueue systems to minimize the chance for system failure, and decrease the impact of such should occur.


Software should be elegant to the eye, and inspire the user. We wish to do so, by developing intuitive and elegant interfaces for our clients.


We deliver 3 month free support for all our hosted websites. On other software, we deliver support contracts by request.